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"The “Shipwreck Oak Barrel Stout” reflects the unique blend of flavours, textures, and tastes that are born out of this cross continental infusion. Referencing 19th century signage, and the gritty personality of those who challenge the high seas, this beer is positioned towards typical craft beer enthusiasts; These beer drinkers are always looking for a new and unique taste, and are often attracted to labels that differentiate themselves from crowd."

Zia Somjee is designer based in Vancouver, Canada. With a passion for communication, he loves to explore and understand how to effectively reach and speak to certain target audiences. As a self proclaimed night owl, Zia can be found designing, blogging, or tweeting into the depths of the night. When he is not working, Zia enjoys the urban and natural landscapes of Vancouver BC, and can be found capturing its beauty with photography. 

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42. Achille FY by Font You

This Slab serif typeface is characterized by its curved & angular serifs which give it a special character. Not too rigid, no too round, its well balanced shapes make itself both legible in small size and powerful in big for headlines, with its robust structure.

Designed by Gregori Vincens - Gia Tran - Alisa Nowak - Bertrand reguron - Valentine Proust

Typeface creation award - Club des Directeurs Artistiques 2012

Buy it here: myfonts.us/achillefy

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Baobab Posters
by Dimis Giannakoulias 





"An imaginary brand of chocolate inspired by origami paper and Japanese multi-purpose wrapping cloth called furoshiki.
By paying attention to the art of wrapping, we bring moments of fun and beauty into everyday life.”

By Kathy Wu


We’re majorly impressed with these prints done by Baltimore Print Studios in collaboration with the fine folks of Power & Light Press. Inspired by coffee and the printmaking presses in their own shop, these editions challenge which is truly the best press.

Decide for yourself. →